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21, Cooper sent Cole house after she expressed concerns about her private security at function."In order to protect you from unwelcome intimidation concerning a personnel matter I am putting you on paid administrative leave," he wrote her in an e mail. Moments later she responded."I have been anxious about even going to our floors restroom at this point, opting alternatively to go downstairs," she wrote. 22, Cole resigned and signed a version which had a $65,000 payment. Air Force 1 jointly launched the series. Higher is to celebrate the trend of New York style magazine tenth anniversary, and Nike,This series can be described as Nike, Air Force 1 of the new round of offensive a green, blue, yellow, orange, powder and high saturation colour. Displaying how Air Force 1 transposes codes, cultures and creative industries, numerous http://www.bmmods.com/air-jordan-flight-9-c_24/ Jordan Flight 9 creative's will showcase their ability all through http://www.bmmods.com/air-jordan-fu